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Hitch Gangs Two Row Crop Planters Together
A new "Easy Swing" planter hitch developed by Harry Weeks, Plain City, Ohio, gangs two planters together either side by side to "double" normal planting width or one behind the other for planting in narrow 15-in. rows, or for transport.
"It lets you make an 8 or 12-row planter out of two 4 or 6 row planters," says Weeks. "You can use your existing planter and buy a second planter instead of buying a new, more expensive 8 or 12-row machine. Even buying two new 6-row planters and my hitch is a lot cheaper than buying a new 12-row planter."
When the second planter is locked behind the first planter, the Easy Hitch tongue is in a centered position alongside the front planter's original tongue. When planting 8 or 12 rows wide, the second planter is offset behind and to the side of the front planter, and the hitch tongue is centered between the two machines.
The front planter must be a Deere 7000 for the Easy Swing hitch to work but the second planter can be of any make. Weeks points out that the hitch allows the two separate planters to"flex" on rolling ground. It attaches to the front planter's tongue and frame. You drill just five holes in the planter. Hitch includes new folding row markers.
A pivot wheel extension bolts to the tongue of the second planter so it'll swing from one position to the other. To move the planter to transport position, you pull ahead
and turn the tractor to the right. To move from transport to the wide-plant position, you unlock the hitch and then pull ahead while turning to the left.
"The planter folds and unfolds in less than a minute," says Weeks. "In only three minutes, either planter can be detached for solo use."
Weeks notes that two ganged 6-row planters require about a 90 hp. tractor.
The hitch weighs about 1,100 lbs. and takes about 3 hrs. to install. Sells for $3,980.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harry Weeks, J & H Mfg. Inc., 7225 Kile, Plain City, Ohio 43064 (ph 614 873-5452).

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