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First Auger Mount For Farm Pickups
"So far as we know it's the first auger-mount ever designed to put an auger on a pickup," says Bill Dearborn, J & B Enter-prises, inventor and manufacturer of a new mounting system that lets you "side mount" an auger on a pickup or tractor in less than 5 min. and control all operations from the driver's seat.
The patented "AugerMate" is available in three models to fit pickups (for self-powered augers), tractors, and tractors with front-end loader.
"In addition to being thirst auger-mount for pickups, the quick coupling feature of AugerMate makes it unique because you can quickly mount and dismount an auger without tying up the auger, pickup or tractor," says Dearborn. "It's also unique be-cause you can control all operations from the pickup or tractor seat. It eliminates the need to manually lift or push an auger even during initial hook-up. Also, the tractor mounted models allow you to replace a stationary engine with pto power from the tractor."
The pickup-mounted auger is belt-driven by a gas or electric-powered engine mounted on the auger's frame, either over the front axle or slightly toward the intake end of the auger.
To hook up AugerMate to a pickup, place the pickup parallel to the auger, then connect AugerMate to the pickup's rear ball hitch. The Augerlylate model that fits pick-ups is equipped with a spring-loaded pin and a quick release ball hitch which flex from side to side, making hook-up easy. Then use two pins to quick couple Auger-Mate to the front part of the pickup frame and to the rear bumper. To hook up Auger-Mate to a tractor, place the tractor parallel to the auger. The rear portion of AugerMate is equipped with a clevis which is pinned to the tractor drawbar. The clevis is equipped with a pivot point which allows AugerMate and the auger to flex independently of each other. Then use two pins (six pins on the front-end loader model) to quick couple "AugerMate" to the tractor frame, and connect the pto shaft.
To remove the auger from the tractor, disconnect the pins and the pto shaft. To remove the auger from the pickup, release the ball hitch.
A hand winch is used to raise the bottom end of the auger. An optional electric winch replaces the hand winch to raise and lower both ends of the auger.
On both tractor models, an orbit motor, powered by the tractor's hydraulic system, replaces the hand crank to raise the top end of the auger. On the "tractor-only" model, an electric winch is used to raiselhe bottom end of the auger. On the fronttiepd loader model, the loader's hydraulic system is used to raise the bottom of the auger.
A 1,000 rpm pto spline equipped with a 540 rpm pto adaptor spline is available to operate the auger at full capacity when the tractor is idling. "Operating the pto at a slower speed is more fuel efficient and less noisy," says Dearborn.
The pickup model sells for $575, the front end loader model sells for $1,725, and the tractor-only model sells for $2,000 (Canadian).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J & B Enterprises, Box 337, Eatonia, Sask., Canada S0L 0Y0 (ph 306 967-2466).

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