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Circular Garden Hoe
A Colorado farmer-inventor says his circular garden hoe slices through weeds with almost no disturbance to the soil surface.
Harold Stoddard, of Walsh, makes his 7-in. dia. hoe blade from 12-ga. metal. The blade is open on one side and solid on the other. A regular wooden handle mounts at a 90? angle to the blade with a piece of 1-in. strap iron.
"You use the open side of the blade to slice through weeds. Because dirt can pass through the blade, it requires less effort and dirt doesn't pile up. The solid side of the hoe makes the best garden ditcher for making rows I've ever used, or you can use it to cut through larger weeds. It's surprising how close it lets you get to both plants and fences," says Stoddard.
He encourages FARM SHOW readers to copy the design to make their own hoes, or he'll produce them for $10 apiece. "Because I do this as a hobby, peoople will have to be real patient with my delivery schedule," says Stoddard.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Stoddard, Box 603, Walsh, Colo. 81090 (ph 303 324-5752).

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