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New Horn Operated Gate Covers 28 ft Oopening
Opening gates up to 28 ft. wide is as easy as sounding the horn on your car, pickup or tractor, thanks to a new electro-pneumatic operating mechanism introduced by Iron-tech, of Twin Falls, Idaho.
Without leaving the driver's seat, the new-style gate ¨available in either swing or lift-type models up to 28 ft. wide ¨ opens automatically by a single horn blast, then closes automatically after you've driven through. In addition to horn operation, Irontech's gates (swing or lift type) can be equipped for combined horn and radio operation, allowing visitors to "announce" themselves while steady users pass through silently. An optional "hidden" manual push button can also be installed for silent entry.
Irontech's new 28 ft. wide dual lift or swing gates are made up of two 14 ft. sections. To reduce costs, both types are designed so a single solid state controller operates both sides. A small underground air line carries operating energy to the second or "slave" side, explains Wayne Skeem, president of Irontech.
The lift-style gate is available with single or dual telescoping square steel tubing (2 in.). This horizontal barrier can be equipped with hanging chain streamers and connected to an electric fence to repel live-stock. The lift gate can also be installed as a vehicle barrier for private roads, drive-ways and across cattleguards without connecting to an electric fence.
Irontech's automatic gates are operated by a 12-V battery which provides several hundred openings and closings on a single charge. An optional solar panel recharger can be added to make the battery virtually maintenance free.
"Every situation and need is different," says Skeem. "It can `push' or `pull' the gates open depending upon the circumstances and desires of the owner."
Prices start at $298 for single lift or $373 Tor single swing gate operator and range up to $677 for a 28 ft. dual lift model with controller and two 14 ft. bars (made of 2 in tubing) on each side. Swing gates, either double or single, come in a kit with controller and mounting hardware. Owners then attach their own style of gate to the mounting brackets and hinge assembly which provides automatic opening and closing, explains Skeem.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Irontech, 1742 Targhee, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 (ph 208 734-8296).

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