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New Extruder Boosts Feed Value Of Soybeans
A new soybean extruder, marketed by Insta-Pro International, Des Moines, Iowa, is getting lots of attention from hog producers and dairymen.
Using only friction heat generated within the machine itself, the "dry extruder" flash cooks and expands raw soybeans without any pre-cooking or pre-steaming.
"There's a big difference in energy value between extruded soybeans and regular soybean meal," says Craig Tessau, sales manager. "Most soybean processors, in cooking soybeans, cook out most of the 18% oil content. We keep the oil in the product. The benefit 10% better feed efficiency than soybean meal made from conventionally-processed soybeans.
"Most farmers sell their soybeans to a local elevator, which in turn sells them to a crusher who removes oil, preservatives and other ingredients," explains Tessau. "Then, the processor sells the beans back to the ag distribution chain and the soybean meal ends up back on the farm.. But they've taken out the original 18% oil content, leaving you soybean meal with only 1/2 of 1% of the fat left in it."
Insta-Pro owns several processing plants and offers on-farm extruders for sale or lease. "A farmer can either take his soybeans to one of our plants for extrusion and get his own beans back, or he can buy hog or dairy premixes containing extruded soy-bean meal," says Tessau.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Insta-Pro International, 10301 Dennis Drive, Des Moines, Iowa 50322 (oh 515 276-4524).

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