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No Field Too Wet For Rubber Duk
You won't believe your eyes when you see this 3-ton "Rubber Duk" waddling towards you through fields so wet you can hardly even walk through. Yet, at 18 mph, it barely leaves a track.

According to Hugh Rear, manufacturer of the new machine, the "Duk" lets you get chemicals on while the water is still there to soak them into the ground. Key to the Rubber Duk's success is its tires - eight smooth, specially fabricated Firestone inner tubes, in place of conventional tires.

"We built the Duk from the ground up to handle high speed spraying and spreading chores in wet field conditions, although you can mount 16.9 by 24 floatation tires on it for normal conditions," notes Rear. Most users, he says, run the machine at around 18 mph in the field. Slowest recommended speed for best use of the machine is 10 mph.

The articulated Duk, powered by a 302 Ford V-8 engine, is outfitted with full hydraulics, an air compressor, and a built-in foam marker for boom spraying. Has 4-wheel drive with 4-speed transmission.

The Rubber Duk is 19 ft. long with a 108 in. wheel base. Weighs 5,800 lbs. empty. Cost is right at $38,000, with granular applicator. If you'd rather build your own Duk, Rear will help with tubes, wheels, hoppers, tanks and booms, as well as "how-to" tips.

For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hugh Rear, Rear's Manufacturing, 2140 Prairie Road, Eugene, Ore. 97402 (ph 503 688-1002).

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