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Add On Pressure Regulator
"If you run your finger around the inside of your tailpipe and it comes out black, this idea will work for you," says Bob Stewart, Zillah, Wash. He puts in-line fuel pressure regulators on every vehicle and farm equipment engine he owns to boost fuel economy by more uniformly regulating pressure to the carburetor.
The pressure regulator simply splices into the fuel line about 4 in. from the carburetor and adjusts pressure from 1 to 8 psi. "Most car fuel pumps used on farm equipment run as high as 12 psi. I generally set the regulators to run at 2 to 3 psi," says Stewart. He notes that as engines age, higher fuel pressures force extra fuel through the valve seat in the carburetor, forcing fuel into the engine that's not needed.
"It practically eliminates flooding and other carburetor problems related to the flow of fuel," says Stewart. After installing the regulator the unburned fuel in the tailpipe generally turns from black to gray, adds Stewart. He's cut fuel consumption by many machines as much as half.
"My Deere 95 combine used to get just 8.3 hours per 40 gal. tank of fuel but it now goes 19 hrs. per tank with the regulator set at 2 psi," says Stewart. Fuel pressure regulators are available in auto parts stores for around $20. Stewart sets them by starting at a low setting and moving up until the engine runs without hesitation.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Stewart, Rt. 2, Box 2552, Zillah, Wash. 98953 (ph 509 829-5783).

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