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Tree Mover For Front End Loaders
"There's nothing like it on the market. People can't believe how well it works," says John Ilchuck, Vermillion, Alberta, about the hydraulic tree scoop he invented for tractor front-end loaders.
The advantage of a front-mounted tree mover is good visibility and the elimination of the need to run in reverse, as with 3-pt. mounted units.
Ilchuk built the unit for use on his own farm. It worked out so well he's decided to develop it commercially and is already in negotiation with two manufacturers.
Consists of two curved "jaws" activated by a single 4-in. dia. hydraulic cylinder. You simply position the jaws on either side of a tree and then scoop in below it. The jaws dig down to about 20 in., which is deep enough for 8 to 10-ft. evergreens and 10 ft. or taller deciduous trees, depending on variety. "We've moved poplar trees up to 16 ft. tall," says Ilchuk.
Each jaw on the tree scoop is fitted with an unloading "pusher" arm that helps unload a tree for planting: The pusher arms, which are fitted with hydraulic cylinders, help keep the root ball together when re-planting so that the tree stands a better chance in its new location.
The tree mover requires a front-end loader with down pressure because when digging the jaws into the ground, pressure is put onto the jaws by the tractor. It simply mounts in place of a front bucket with no modification to loader arms.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Ilchuk, Ilchuk Seed Farm, Box 852, Vermilion, Alberta T0B 4M0 Canada (ph 403 853-5012).

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