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Power steep kits for 4WD Ford pickups
"This integral power steering kit solves all steering problems with Ford 4-WD pickups from 1967 to 1977," says Scott Ibeling, Aplington, Iowa, who notes that "Ford's ram assist power steering used during those years has been plagued with perpetual problems."
Ford put the ram assist power steering on the 100, 150 and 250 4-WD's during the years 1973-77. Ibeling says the sensing valve, which directs power to a hydraulic cylinder, often causes problems.
"It's machined in such a way that trucks often steer more easily one way than another. It almost always develops leaks that are hard to stop, and it often blows out hydraulic hoses. The ram is also a maintenance problem, and can actually be dangerous. If you hit a rock and you've got your thumbs locked in the steering wheel, you could break your thumbs when the wheel spins because the wheels will jam the cylinder," says Ibeling.
He sells a kit that lets you install an integral power steering box on the pickups. The kit fits all Ford 100, 150 and 250 pickups from 1967 to 1977, whether they were equipped with manual or ram assist power steering.
The kit consists of adapter plates, hardware and a special bit to drill the steering column. The adapter plates weld into place. You simply remove the existing steering box and replace it with an integral steering box from a Ford 2-WD pickup from the years 1969, which Ibeling says is easy to obtain.
"There are millions of them around in junkyards. Or, we sell reconditioned units with new seals for $150. The kit costs $64.15. There are different kits for the 100 and 150 and 250 models. We also make a kit for 4-WD Broncos from 1974 to 1977," says Ibeling, adding that just the sensing valve alone on the old ram assist power steering sells for $500 new.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Scott Ibeling, 1014 Parrott St., Aplington, Iowa 50604 (ph 319 347-2491).

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