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Hygienic Manger For Dairy Cows
Dairy cows can now eat on a smooth, sanitary surface, thanks to the new "Hygienic" plastic manger that replaces abrasive and oftentimes unsanitary concrete in new or existing barns.
Made of white plastic, the new-style manger reportedly eliminates virtually all of the problems associated with concrete problems such as sored tongues, wounds to animal knees, and spoiled feed due to mildew, dampness and scattering.
"Dairymen who've tried it tell us our new hygienic manger can significantly boost milk production because of its ability to keep feed fresher, cleaner, more palatable, and easier for cows to eat," notes Romeo Boyer, secretary-treasurer of Hygienic Mangers, of Montreal, Que. "Cleaning our new plastic manger is as simple as sweeping its smooth, slick surface with a broom. A child can do it in a matter of seconds."
Designed for easy do-it-yourself installation, the hygienic manger comes in standard sections 34 in. wide and 9 ft., 4 in. long. It's available with an 8 in. high "cowside" curb "for dairymen who like to feed more feed less often" and with a 5 1/4 - in. high curb "for dairymen who prefer feeding less feed more frequently." Individual sections are "welded" together with a special solvent that creates smooth, water-tight seams. Special non-toxic, rustproof nylon rivets anchored in the concrete floor hold the sections in place.
"If you move to another farm, the entire manger is easily removed for reinstallation at the new site. You simply undo the rivets, and cut the seams which are easily rewelded with the special solvent," Boyer points out.
He notes that the new plastic manger is available on special order in dished, cur-bless and other configurations for easy adaptation to existing concrete curbs and mangers.
Cost of standard sections is $14 per running ft. with a 5 1/4- in. high "cowside" curb, and $17 for an 8-in. high curb. Prices include a styrofoam insert which slips in-side the hollow curb to provide extra sup-port and strength in case a cow steps on the manger. The low-profile 1 in. high curb on the opposite side is strong enough so you can drive over it with a loaded feed cart, notes Boyer.
Standard plastic sections with an 8 in. high curb are 200 mm thick; those with a 5 1/4- in. curb are 160 mm thick. "The plastic material will tolerate extreme hot or cold temperatures without bending or cracking. Its smooth, white surface reflects heat and light, providing a much cooler and dryer surface than you get with concrete," Boyer points out.
Dealer-distributor inquiries welcome.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hygienic Mangers, 655 Cremazie East, Suite 100, Montreal, Que., Canada H2M 2K9 (ph 514 385-4414).

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