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Twine-Tying Modifications For Deere's 530 Round Baler
"With these two modifications, I think it's the best big round baler on the market," says Kansas farmer Paul Miller, of Partridge, who equipped his 530 Deere with a double twine-stringing device that cut tying time in half, and a tying starter device that lets him trip a stubborn tie starter with ease from the tractor seat.

Miller, who custom bales for about 40 area farmers in the summer when he's not teaching high school, says he built both devices for less than $100 total cost.

1. Double Tying Device: Modifications Miller made in front of the baler allow the twine needle to move twice its normal speed. "I'm able to wrap the bale with two twines at a time, which cuts tying time in half from 30 to 15 seconds per bale. Two balls are always in position to feed twine onto the bale."

The Deere 530's twine box is designed to hold three balls of twine. To make double tying possible, Miller added a 4-ball twine box, mounting it on two angle iron brackets on front of the baler.

"The extra twine box allows me to feed from two balls, with two backup balls," explains Miller. Two twine tension de-vices are fastened onto the box. By opening a hydraulic valve mounted on the baler's side, Miller can double the needle's speed so that the twines are spaced no farther than 5 112 in. apart.

2. Tying Starter Device: The 530's original bale tying mechanical trip rope mechanism was difficult to trip from the tractor seat, says Miller. "The problem was. that the rope passes through two friction-causing corners, making it difficult to pull."

To solve the problem, Miller installed a device in front of the baler which provides increased pulling leverage. A bolt with two nuts extends through two plates which control tension on the trip rope. By loosening the nut, Miller can reposition the rope and change the angle from which he pulls it from the tractor seat.

A brochure illustrating and explaining Miller's add-on devices in detail is avail-able for $3 to cover postage and handling.

Contact: FARM SHOW Follow-up, Paul Miller, RR 1, Box 18, Partridge, Kan. 67566 (ph 641 444 4671).

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