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Mower Converted Into Garden Shredder
When a friend of his needed a shredder to chew up garden waste, George Hunt, Wes-dock, Alberta, turned an old discarded lawn mower into a mulching machine that "worked so well it amazed us all".
"I mounted the mower on its side on a wooden platform with the discharge chute coming out the front. I covered the bottom of the mower with a piece of 12-ga. tin and partially plugged the discharge opening with a 2-in. piece of wood, leaving about a 2-in. opening. I fitted an intake hopper to the bottom of mower so that it enters the mower-shredder just beneath the discharge chute.
"I had to fit a new motor to the mower since the old one was shot. I used the bearings in the old engine block by making a 1-in. shaft to fit through the main bearings on the old block. I made a hub for one end that holds two mower blades, and put a keyway in the other end for a drive pulley. To oil the bearings, I put two old piston rings on the shaft. I filled the engine block with oil, almost up to the shaft. Rings turning on shaft bring up oil for bearings.
"It shreds very fine with the 2 blades. I believe it would do almost as good a job with just one blade. We've used it for corn and sunflower stalks, and straw and leaves."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George Hunt, Box 303, Westlock, Alberta Canada T0G 2L0 (ph 403 349-3085).

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