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Case/IH Tractor Is Ready To Roll
"It's the first completely new tractor in nearly 30 years," says Glenn Kahle, Case/ IH vice president of engineering about the company's "new from the ground up" 2-WD Magnum tractor that'll start showing up on dealer show floors in November.
The Magnum tractors, which range from 130 to 195 hp., are the first to be designed by the company since the merger between Case and International Harvester 2 years ago. They're fitted with an all new engine, transmission, electronic 3-pt. hitch, and cab. "Over 95% of the 3,000 parts in this tractor are totally new. We've applied for patents on more than 40 of the components," Kahle told FARM SHOW.
The Magnum line includes the 7110 (130 hp.), the 7120 (150 hp.), the 7130 (170 hp.), and the 7140 (195 hp.). A mechanical front-wheel drive option is available on all models. Key features include:
Engine - The new 505 cu. in. turbo-charged engine, developed by Case-IH in a joint venture with Cummins, uses 24% fewer parts than comparable engines. It also features a "Poly-Vee" belt drive that does the work of several belts on a standard engine and an automatic belt tensioner. The engine is totally enclosed in an engine compartment with a controlled air-flow system. Built-in piston oil cooling and an in-block water pump are designed to extend engine life.
Transmission - The 18-speed full powershift transmission, together with an optional 6-speed "creeper" package, gives the new tractor more power shifts than any other tractor on the market. The single lever, on-the-go shift control provides no-clutch shifting from forward to reverse, and start-up capability in any gear. The slow creeper speeds, from .5 to 2.1 mph., enable to tractor to operate equipment at a slow pace using full power.
Cab - All-new cab has more than 47 sq. ft. of glass with no horizontal crossbars. Even the muffler is mounted off to the side of the new tractor for unobstructed front vision. The swivel seat turns right or left and easily moves back and forth. It's positioned so that the operator can reach all controls on the right side control panel with natural arm movements. A computerized instrumentation panel can be set to monitor engine rpm, wheel slip, ground speed, total acreage, and many other types of information, depending on the field operation in progress. It also contains a service indicator that lets you know when to perform routine maintenance.
Electronic 3-pt. Hitch - Lift capacity, ranging from 7,700 lbs. on the 7110 to 10,200 lbs. on the 7140, surpasses all other similar size tractors. Requires only 3 sec. to raise a full load. A raise/lower switch automatically raises and lowers hitch to a preset working depth when making headland turns. Load and travel controls keep implements on track under changing soil conditions. Hitch response speed and drop speed can be adjusted from the cab.
Dual Pto - Features both a 1000 and 540 pto. Readout in cab tells operator pto speed and which pto is in use.
Warranty - All parts except tires on the Magnum tractors are covered by a 2-year warranty with no hour limit, making it the best warranty in the industry. The second year there is a $200 deductible per work order.
Lighting - First-of-its-kind "wrap-around" front headlights provide bright side lighting. All lights, front and back, can be easily adjusted by hand to fit different viewing needs.
Case/IH placed prototype tractors with farmers earlier this year to get their reaction. Gary Prochaska, who farms 3,000 acres near Caledonia, Wis., tested a 130 hp. 7110 for one month. "With the closely spaced speeds on this new transmission, I can pick a speed halfway between and finish an extra 5 or 10 acres aday," says Prochaska, adding that the closely spaced speeds also provide extremely smooth shifting.
Prochaska also liked tractor's new 3-pt. "I can lift an implement at the touch of a button and return it to a preset working depth as soon as I'm ready without having to reset any levers. I also like being able to control the drop rate for implements."
Prices range from $50,000 to $72,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Case/IH, 700 State Street, Racine, WI 53404 (Ph 414-636-6011).

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