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First-Of-Its-Kind Vacuum Grain Cleaner
"There's never been anything like this new vacuum grain cleaner that sucks fines out of a perforated tube. It costs less than half as much as a conventional rotary cleaner and does just as good a job," says Harlan Olson, Montevideo, Minn.
The 2-wheeled grain cleaner cleans grain as it's loaded out of bins. It's fitted with a 6 or 8-in. dia. auger equipped with bristle fighting mounted inside a perforated steel tube. An impeller fan, powered by a small electric motor, sucks out fines, bees wings, etc., then blows them through a cyclone into a truck or onto-the ground.
"It eliminates the need for extra augers, drive belts, motors, screens, etc., making it less expensive to build and also compact and easy to store," says Olson. "So far we've made only two experimental models that we rented to local farmers. They really liked them and weren't docked at all for foreign matter. After using them to clean 150,000 bu. of corn, the impellers still didn't show any wear. The bristle flighting just brushes the inside of the perforated tube to keep it from plugging up.
"We built it after our local corn processing plant set tight limits on foreign matter. They allow only 1 1/2 points for dockage, but many farmers have 5 to 9% foreign matter in their bins. We designed the perforated tube only for corn so it won't work on other grains. We aren't sure if we'll manufacture it, but if we do a 2,000 bu./hour model could probably be sold for about $2,000, including the cyclone.
"We made a prototype of another model that's designed to bolt to the back of a grain dryer before grain is loaded into the bin."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Olson, Custom Ag Service, 7018 Hwy. 7 S.W., Montevideo, Minn. 56265 (ph 612 269-7770).

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