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He Built His Own Chisel Disk for $300
Indiana farmer Gaylord Macy built his own chisel disk for only $300 by mounting the 8-ft. front gang from an old pull-type Deere tandem disk on the front of his 7-ft. wide, 7-shank Graham chisel plow.
"I bought the chisel plow for $200 and used it for awhile by itself. It worked alright but it plugged a lot and pulled hard in my wheat ground," says Macy. "I tried mowing the wheat straw, but it still plugged up. I looked at a new Glencoe Soil Saver but it cost $7,000 so I decided to build my own chisel disk. A friend and I built it in one afternoon. I paid $33 for the 20-year-old disk. It was in good shape but didn't have wheels. Before I added the disk gang I was pulling the chisel plow in third gear wide open with my Allis Chalmers D19 tractor. Now I can pull it in fifth gear at two thirds throttle and it no longer plugs. It actually works better than any commercial chisel plow because the 17-in. dia. disc blades are contoured and do a better job of incorporating residue into the soil than the Soil Saver's straight blades. The disc blades cut 3 to 7 in. deep depending on chisel plow depth. They have straight bearings. Newer-model disks with roller bearings would probably work even better."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gaylord Macy, RR 1, Box 113, Penneville, Ind. 47369.

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