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4WD Articulated Tractor
"I built this articulating 4-WD tractor from the ground up in about 2 months last summer at a cost of about $1,500," says Francis Maclellan, Richmond, Price Edward Island, Canada.
"The frame is welded together out of 4 by 6-in. tubing. The front and rear axles are 2-speed Eaton 1970 3-ton Chevy rear ends. They match up best when I leave them in low range. The 4-speed transmission and heavy-duty clutch also came out of a 1970 3-ton Chevrolet truck. The transfer case is a single speed chain driven unit out of a 1945 5-ton Oshkosh army truck.
"The tractor is powered by a 6-cyl. 250 engine salvaged from a 1976 Pontiac car. It bolted right up to the 4-speed transmisísion with no problem. It has plenty of power and is easy on gas.
"Steering is controlled by a 3 by 8-in. hydraulic cylinder which bends the frame back and forth. Hydraulics for the steering and front-mounted blade come from a standard power steering pump taken from a Chevy car. I added a larger reservoir to the pump and shimmed up the pressure regulating valve.
"The tractor is fitted with dual 8.25 by 20 truck tires all the way around. I mounted a heavy winch on back from a DW15 Caterpillar earth mover.
"My main goal in building this tractor was to build something that would be easy and cheap to work on. It has the pulling power of a 60-hp. mid-sized tracítor. The part of the tractor I could not easily obtain in a junkyard is the transfer case, since they're relatively scarce. However, this one is built so heavy I don't think it will ever break. I plan to give it a coat of red Massey Ferguson paint."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Francis Maclellan, Grand River, Richmond, Prince Edward Island, Canada C0E 1T0.

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