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Got Problems With Deer ?Try The Solutions
Crop-stealing deer are a growing problem in many areas of North America. We've rounded up a few "tried and true" ideas, as well as some new commercial products that may hold promise.
"Tried & True"
• Mesh bags filled with human hair collected from barber shops works for many people. Hair should be dirty, not collected after a shampoo.
• Tie pieces of deoderant soap around the area you want to protect. Cut a large bar into 6 pieces and place each piece in a mesh bag, such as a section of panty hose, and hang from a pole or branch. Non-deoderant soap does not work.
• Make up a mixture of eggs and water and spray it on foliage. Mix two eggs with a cup of water in a high speed blender, and then add to a gallon of water. The mixture does not wash off easily. Reapplication two or three times a season is necessary. Also works to repel rabbits.
• Nail plastic grocery bags to sticks and put them around your garden or the edges of fields. They fill when the wind blows and look like balloons.
• Surround the area you want to protect with Invisible Fence, the kind used to keep dogs in a yard (you can reach Invisible Fence at 800 923-7378). Let one or two dogs roam freely within the fenced area to chase deer.
"Deer Off"
"Deer Off" contains several known repellents all in one, including rotten eggs, garlic and capsaicin (hot pepper), in a special rain-resistant formula. A 32-oz spray bottle treats approximately 500 sq. ft. and sells for $19.95; concentrate 32 oz. bottle (makes 2 gal.) sells for $49.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Deer Off, 1127 High Ridge Rd., Suite 204, Stamford, Conn. 06905 (ph 800 333-7633 or 203 968-8485)
"Deerbusters" of Frederick, Md., is a mail order company that offers a full line of deer repellents as well as special fencing materials and ultrasonic scaring devices.
Here's a sample of what the company has to offer:
• Coyote urine fools deer into thinking predators are present in the area. A 32 oz. bottle of 100 percent coyote urine sells for $29.95.
• "Hinder" contains ammonium salts and fatty acids that repel deer and rabbits. It may be applied to fruit trees, nursery stock, field crops, and vegetable gardens. Apply with conventional spray equipment. A 1 gal container, enough to mix up 20 to 40 gals., sells for $31.95.
• Deer Blaster is a high tech ultrasonic device that's designed to startle deer with-out letting them get used to the sound. Sound is nearly inaudible to humans. Spans 4,000 sq. ft. Sells for $99.
For a free catalog of these and other products, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Deerbusters, 9735 A Bethel Road, Frederick, Md. 21702 (ph 800 248-3337).

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