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Low Level Surface Spread Toolbars
"Our low-level surface spreading toolbars evenly apply liquid manure on top of the soil, eliminating spray drift and reducing odors," says Gilles Hebert, U.S. field manager, Houle Inc., Drummondville, Quebec.
The company also offers liquid manure side dressing and injection equipment.
The toolbars are mounted about 1 ft. above the ground and range from 20 to 25 ft. wide. Low pressure discharge hoses spaced about 5 ft. apart feed manure to deflectors that spread manure evenly in a fan-shaped pattern.
"Low level surface spreading virtually eliminates spray drift and lets you spread manure evenly on hay or pasture crops without damaging them," says Hebert. "We also offer a hose-fed, low level surface spread toolbar that 3-pt. mounts on your tractor. A 600-ft. long hose drags behind the toolbar. Two manifolds supply ten low pressure discharge hoses that spread manure in a 50-ft. wide pattern. It works 25% faster than an irrigation gun and results in 75% less odor. It also spreads manure much more uniformly."
Application rate is controlled at the pump discharge in front of the tank.
The toolbar sells for $4,100 to $5,300 depending on size.
The company offers toolbars equipped with S-tine shanks or 16-in. discs for side dressing corn. The discs are mounted on flexible leaf springs that clamp onto the toolbar. The discs cover manure with about 2 in. of soil.
A heavier set of 20-in. discs can be set 36 in. apart and used in the fall to bury manure in a shallow layer in the soil in no-till conditions without any runoff, nutrient loss, or odor problems. "The discs pull easier than a toolbar equipped with injector sweeps and allow increased tractor speed, reducing soil compaction," says Hebert.
Disc and shank side dressing equipment sells for $5,000 to $6,550, depending on toolbar type and size.
The company also offers a toolbar equipped with 22 1/2-in. wide sweeps fed by injection hoses. The sweeps bury a wide, thin layer of manure under the top layer of soil. Depth is controlled by two adjustable gauge wheels.
An optional 20-in. spring-loaded coulter wheel cuts a path through sod or residue ahead of the injector.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J. Houle & Fils Inc., 4591 Rte. 143, CP: 370, Drummondville, Quebec Canada J2B 6W3 (ph 819 477-7444).

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