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Electrically-Monitored Bearing Seal
We're looking fora manufacturer for our new electrically-monitored bearing seal which lets you check seal wear using an ohm meter. A circuit is embedded in the seal at the depth of acceptable wear. When the seal wears down to that point, it grounds out the circuit. Contact points on the outside of the seal can be tested with an ohm meter. An open circuit tells you the seal is worn and should be replaced before damage occurs. It prevents damage by bearings that wear down all the way and eliminates time wasted replacing seals and repacking bearings that aren't worn. You can check seals manually with an ohm meter or monitor all seals on a machine with a microprocesser that continually checks them electronically and alerts the operator when there's a problem.
We've built working prototypes and would be happy to hear from any manufacturers interested in the idea. (Bob Heinen, Mid Dakota Corp., Garrison Industrial Park, Box 728, Garrison, N.Dak. 58540 ph 701 337-5619)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #5