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Go Anywhere Feed Wagon Mounted On Modified Tractor
South Dakota farmer Ralph Reimer, of Pukwana, wanted a sure-footed means of getting around snow and mud-covered feedlots with his feed wagons. Neither truck-mounted wagons, nor wagons pulled behind a tractor, had enough traction and both were hard on pto joints. So, Reimer "stretched" a 4166 4-wheel steer International tractor and mounted a Big Augie feed wagon right behind the tractor cab and on the extended frame.
"With the wagon on the 4-wheel drive tractor, we can go through most any conditions to feed cattle," says Reimer. "We feed a lot of silage and use the wagon year-round to mix the ration, which also includes grain and protein. We have cattle in open areas and this rig enables us to go through all kinds of mud and snow to feed them."
Reimer bought the tractor used. Meyerink Farm Services, Platte, S. Dak., made most of the modifications, including extending the back of the tractor 12 ft., moving the rear axle back and extending the driveline. The add-on frame is made of 16ft. of 4 by 6 by 1-in. steel tubing, 4 ft. of which is overlapped and welded under the tractor's original frame.
Reimer put a 7 by 12 ft. Big Augie feed wagon on the extended tractor but notes that the frame is extended enough to handle even a 16-ft. wagon. The 12 ft. wagon, taken off a truck, is mounted on the tractor frame with straps welded to the tractor and wagon. A 2-ft. long pto shaft powers the wagon off the tractor; along with tractor hydrulics. Reimer put smaller tires (18.4 by 26) on the tractor to make it lower and easier to load.
He figures the rig cost him about $12,000 which includes the cost of the used tractor and wagon. He leaves the wagon on year-round but has contemplated putting a truck-mounted spreader on the extended tractor frame to haul manure.
For details on making a similar conversion, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Meyerink Farm Service, Rt. 1, Box 219, Platte, S. Dak. 57369 (ph 605 337-3134).

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