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Pickup-Mounted Ear Corn Feeder
If you feed ear corn to cattle out on pasture, you'll be interested in this pickup-mounted feeder from Meyerink Farm Service, Platte, S. Dak., that delivers cobs out the rear in a 10-in. wide windrow. It can also be used to feed shelled corn and other supplements.
The 9-ft. long steel box fits into the bed of any standard 3/4-ton or 1/2-ton pickup. It's secured with two load binders hooked to stake pockets at each rear corner of the pickup. An apron chain, powered by a 12-volt continuous duty DC motor with gear reduction drive, drops feed into a rear-mounted cross auger that delivers it in a windrow just behind the pickup's rear left wheel. Unloading is controlled by a remote switch from inside the cab.
"Feed drops into the wheel tracks so it doesn't get tramped down as much in mud or snow like it would if it were scattered out," says Dave Meyerink. "Driving in a slight arc leaves a track two tires wide that makes it easier for cattle to find feed in deep snow. It's a low profile unit with the center of gravity only 8 in. above the pickup bed. An optional bolt-on attachment lets you unload into feed bunks."
The box weighs 1,100 lbs. Capacity is 2,400 lbs.
Sells for $3,300.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, Meyerink Farm Service, Rt. 1, Box 219, Platte, S. Dak. 57369-9790 (ph 605 337-2621 or 800 658-2293).

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