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Star Wheels Keep Hay From Plugging On Baler Belts
"Since I mounted `star wheels' on my Deere 430 round baler last summer, I haven't had to get off the tractor to dig hay out of the belts," says John McAlester, Wilburton, Okla., who borrowed an idea from Hesston Mfg. to solve the problem he was having with hay plugging up on the baler.
"Hay tended to get caught between the outside belts and follow them up to the roller at the top of the haler where it wadded up," says McAlester. "I noticed that some of the older Hesston round balers were equipped with `star wheels' to pre-vent the problem. I decided to copy the design."
McAlester cut "star wheels" out of a steel plate, then cut the centers out and welded them onto each end of a 7 1/4-in. long, 3 1/8-in. inside diameter pipe. He then removed the bottom roller from the front of the baler and slid a wheel onto each end.
"The wheels turn with the belt to keep loose hay from coming out between the belts," says McAlester. "The old Hesston balers have a wheel between every belt.
However, we were having problems only on the outside belts so I only made two wheels. The wheels will also fit the Deere 530 baler."
McAlester sells the wheels for $75 apiece.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John McAlester, Rt. 1, Box 1520, Wilburton, Okla. 74578 ph 918 465-2515).

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