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Snowmobile Car Engine
Here's a repower idea for northern farmers who use snowmobiles for towing loads and feeding cattle. I replaced the engine in my 1981 Polaris lndy with a lightweight 3-cyl.,4 cycle, 78-lb. Suzuki engine from a 1987 Chevy Sprint car. It now has plenty of low rpm torque and lots of power for fast trail riding at up to 90 mph.
My goal was longer engine life, better fuel economy and elimination of 2-cycle oil. I now get up to 30 mpg while riding trails at 50 to 60 mph while companions get 15 mpg or less. I can ride over 200 miles a day without refueling (7.3 gal. tank) and never have to
worry about adding expensive, dirty-burning 2-cycle oil. I used a conventional snowmo bile belt and a quick shift primary snowmobile clut& t, transfer power to the track.
I rode the snowmobile 2,800 miles last season with satisfactory results. I hope to
improve fuel economy even more next season since this engine gets up to 58 mpg
when mounted in acar. An added benefit is that 4-cycle engines burn much cleaner and
are betterforthe environment.
(Daryi Hoch, 513290 St. Rd. 93, Eleva, Wis. 54738)

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