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Great New Way To Reel Up Cords, Air Hose
You can reel up 100 ft. of heavy 10-3 electric cord or 3/8 in. air hose in seconds with the new "Reel-A-Pail" cord handling/storing system.
Inventor Dan Barberg says all kinds of handy storage devices have been invented for tools, parts and other shop items but, until now, no one has come up with a good way to handle long electric cords.
"I got the idea while building a tool storage cabinet. A half hour later, I had a working prototype," says Barberg, who now has three different production models of Reel-A-Pail on the market.
Reel-A-Pail looks like a 5-gal. bucket with a wide slot in one side. There's a free-wheeling reel mounted vertically inside and a handle on top for turning the reel. The bucket mounts on a flat, hard plastic board that can be bolted to a wall, to the floor, or to the bed of a service truck. Cord pulls easily out of the pail when needed and reels backup just as quickly by turning the handle on top with one hand the guiding cord into the slot with the other.
"It's almost unbelievable how much time it saves and how convenient it is to use. For anyone who frequently uses electrical cords and hoses, it'll pay for itself many times over," notes Barberg, adding that Reel-A-Pail can also be used to hold chain, rope, steel cable, and wire.
The smallest model, which carries 50 ft. of 12-3 cord or 50 ft. of 1/4-in. dia. air hose, sells fora suggested retail of $49.95. The next size up carries 100 ft. of cord or hose and sells for $59.95. The largest size carries 200 ft. of 12-3 cable, or 100 ft. of heavy 10-3 cord or 3/8-in. air hose. It sells for $79.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Reel-A-Pail, Inc., 303 Jenks Ave., Cokato, Minn. 55321 (ph 612 286-6506; fax 612 286-6202).

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