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2 In 1 Machine Wraps And Injects Round Bales
Bale wrap machines that tightly seal round bales with layers of plastic wrap have become popular around the world the past few years. Now a Canadian company has developed the first machine that both wraps and injects bales with anhydrous ammonia.
Hi-Qual Manufacturing, Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, says its machine lets farmers cut and bale hay the same day. "Forage specialists say cutting hay the same day produces about 1/3 ton more hay per acre as a general rule," says company president Allan Akins. Anhydrous kills all molds and fungus that might form and boosts crude protein, digestibility and palatability.
The self-contained "Injector Wrap" machine mounts on a 23 by 7-ft. trailer. One man can operate it, wrapping and injecting bales in minutes with microprocessor-controlled equipment. The wrapping table moves the bale in two directions at once as it wraps, applying layers of the clingy 20-in. wide plastic wrap. As soon as the bale's 80% wrapped, a round metal injector spike pokes through the plastic and injects an automatically regulated amount of ammonia, calculated by an electronic microprocessor that weighs the bale and injects a set percent of anhydrous. Once injected, the wrapper completes its application of three layers of plastic.
Aikins says the treated bales can be stored indefinitely. In addition to treating hay, the company is promoting the machine as a way to boost nutritional value and palatability of straw, cornstalks and other roughage. Anhydrous breaks down cellulose in crop residue and triples protein content.
Hi-Qual Manufacturing sells machines to co-ops, dealers and custom operators who do the work on a custom basis. Treatment cost per bale is around $12.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hi-Qual Manufacturing, Inc., Box 158, St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 3B4 Canada (ph 204 224-3269 or 222-3175).

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