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New Multi-Wagon has a Use for Every Season
You've never seen anything like this new "multi-wagon" that can be converted into various configurations including a forage wagon, feeder wagon, automatic bale thrower wagon, manure spreader, round bale trailer, grain cart, or utility wagon, according to Mark Walder, Wittenberg, Wis.
The 16-ft. long, 7 ft. 2 in. wide, hydraulic-driven wagon is equipped with removeable steel upper sides, hinged to the roof, and a removeable rear door. A front-end loader is used to remove the sides and roof, as well as the rear door. The roof and rear door are split down the center so that the roof can be folded up hydraulically and the rear door can be opened manually.
Here's how you can use the wagon:
•  With the rear door and roof closed it's a forage wagon (front or rear unload).
•  By opening the rear door, you can use it as a 6-bale round bale trailer. Bales are loaded from the rear and moved forward by the apron, then unloaded by reversing the apron's direction.
•  By unfolding the roof you can open the top making it into a bale thrower wagon (rear unload).
•  By removing the roof and sides and replacing the rear door with a "slop" gate you can load it with a front-end loader from your bunker silo and use it as a short box feeder wagon (front unload).
•  By removing roof, sides, and rear door and installing a manure spreader beater and plywood "slop" gates at the front and rear you can use it as a manure spreader. Rear "slop" gate raises and lowers hydraulically.
•  By removing the roof, sides, and rear door and adding plywood gates at the front and rear you can use it as a grain cart (front or rear unload).
• By opening the rear door you can use it as a utility wagon (for example, for hauling chemical tanks).
The rig is entirely hydraulic-driven and is equipped with three hydraulic motors that power the apron, beaters, cross conveyor, and transmission. All controls are mounted at the front of the wagon.
"It's a wagon for all seasons," says Mark who, along with his father, spent 10 years developing the "multi-wagon".
To convert the wagon to a manure spreader, the hydraulic cylinders are repositioned on the lower sides of the wagon and the transmission and hydraulic motor that controls the forage beater is repositioned at the rear of the wagon. The motor drives the manure beater and the transmission, which hooks up to a spline shaft, is used to rotate the apron backward. (The transmission is also used this way to rear unload the forage wagon). The hydraulic cylinders are used to raise and lower the rear "slop" gate which keeps liquid manure from escaping. "During unloading the gate is hydraulically positioned 3 ft. in front of the rear beater and 1 1/2 ft. above it to act as a barrier that'll keep manure from flying onto the tractor," notes Mark.
Sells for $12,000 including tandem running gear. Equipment for conversion to manure application, including the beater, hydraulic pump and reservoir, hoses, and slop gate, sells for $1,000.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Multi Wagon, Mark Walder, Rt. 1, Box 175, Wittenberg, Wis. 54499 (ph 715 454-6458).

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