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New flail shredder has dual position knives
"We think the knife system on this new shredder is the most unique ever developed," says Tom Cederholm, Hiniker Company product manager about the company's all-new flail shredder that's fitted with dual position knives that can be installed either as cup knives - when vacuum is needed to lift a crop - or as "side slicers" under normal conditions. What's more, by installing a set of shortened flail knives, the chopper adapts to ridge-till ground.
The new 4000 shredder is available in 12, 15, 18 and 20 ft. machines that completely replace the old Brady lineup that Hiniker took over several years ago. Built heavier overall, with a 7 by 7-in. front frame member and new 2-in. "pilot" bearings that re-duce the load on bearing bolts, the most innovative feature on the new machine is the design of the knives.
They mount on 3/4-in. dia. "D"-rings (size was increased from the previous 1/2 in. dia.) that can be mounted in two positions. When mounted in-line with the shred-der, the knife is in the "cup" position, which works great for ridge-till and when a crop is down by creating vacuum that brings it up into the machine. When the D-ring is mounted crosswise, the knives swing sideways, slicing through crop material.
Hiniker eliminated two replacement parts with the new design so that when the knives wear out, you only have to replace the knives and not the hangers, as with the old style flails. The heavy D-ring will last through two to three sets of knives.
On ridge-till ground, four short knives are installed directly over each row, allowing the remaining standard length knives to reach down between the ridges.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hiniker Company, Air-port Road, P.O. Box 3407, Mankato, Minn. 56002-3407 (ph 507 625-6621).

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