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Disc Covers for Planter Gauge Wheels
Marinus Muilwyk, Lyons, N.Y., had a problem with the drive chains on his International Cyclo 6-row planter. Stones kept flying up into the chains and either knocked them off or broke them. He solved the problem by bolting a 1/16-in. thick steel disc onto the outside of each gauge wheel.
"It's a common problem on both Deere and IH planters," says Muilwyk. "At rust my dealer thought the drive wheels were kicking stones up into the chains so they closed them up with metal discs. That helped a little but didn't solve the problem. I decided to take a close look and discovered that the gauge wheel is the problem. The gauge wheel's rim is so close to the ground that stones get inside the rim and stay there like stones rattling around inside a car's hubcap. After a while the stones get thrown into the drive chain.
"Closing up the gauge wheel keeps stones out and has totally eliminated the problem for me. I spent $10 for each disc and it was worth every penny."
Muilwyk made a pattern from card-board and had a local machine shop stamp out the discs. They're held on by two bolts.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marinus Muilwyk, 8790 Klippel Rd., Lyons, N.Y. 14489 (ph 315 946-6204).

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