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Closed Circuit TV for Livestock Barns
"It lets you see and hear what's happening in the barn and has a 2-way audio system so you can actually talk back to the camera and the animals or anyone in the barn will hear you," says Ed Mueller of Mueller's Audio Visual, Davis, Ill., about his "affordable" new closed circuit TV system designed for use on farms.
Priced at $350, the system can be wired into your regular TV so that while watching other shows, you can punch up the "barn channel" to see what's happening. "Farmers are tired of constantly running out to the barn only to find out that nothing has happened. We now have affordable technology that lets you see what's happening so you only make the trip outside when necessary," says Mueller.
His system consists of a camera that can be mounted anywhere and a monitor that can be positioned as much as 300 ft. away. It can be located even further away but the picture will start to get grainy over 300 ft. The camera is housed in a special all-weather housing that's designed to stand up to moist and dusty barn conditions.
The camera is fitted with a speaker. The 2-way audio system only works with Mueller's special monitor. If you wire the system into a regular TV you'll be able to hear what's happening in the barn but you won't be able to talk back.
The basic system consists of the camera, an all-weather case, 100 ft. of cable, and the monitor. The standard camera is fitted with a 16 mm lens which provides a 30 degree viewing range. An optional 8 mm wide angle lens is also available as are panning motors. Mueller says most farmers buy a second camera rather than a panning motor since the motor costs almost as much as a camera ($250). He also notes that some farmers have devised their own panning motor by mounting the camera on the body of an oscillating fan.
The 12-in. monitor can handle as many as four cameras at once. It automatically scans all four in intervals of 4 to 60 seconds.
"We've already sold more than 100 systems to farmers for use in all types of barns. Interest is tremendous because the cost of equipment is finally low enough that most farmers can easily justify it," says Mueller.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ed Mueller, Mueller's Audio Visual, 17768 Riche Road, Davis, Ill. 61019 (ph 800 869-6412 or 815 865-5508).

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