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Cordless Engine Heater
"My cordless engine heater uses gas from your vehicle's gas tank to heat water in the engine block," says Chester Hilton, Cloquet, Minn.
The patent pending heater is activated by flipping a switch on the vehicle's dash. It works on any water-cooled engine as well as diesel engines equipped with a small gas tank or propane bottle.
"This heater frees you from troublesome extension cords, allowing you to heat your vehicle anywhere by flipping a switch. It works in temperatures down to 35?. It also saves you money because you can heat an engine for a small fraction of the cost of an electric tank heater."
The cordless heater consists of a switch, valve, and tank heater. You install a "T" in the gas line, then connect a hose from the "T" to an electric valve. Another hose leads from the electric valve to the tank heater. This hose contains a short wick. An electric heating element inside the tank heater heats gas on the wick to create gas fumes. Current from the battery ignites the heating element. After a few minutes a thermo switch shuts the battery off. The heater burns only about one ounce of gas per hour. It's so stingy on gas that you can afford to turn it on and keep it on anytime you park your vehicle. As long as it gets enough gas, the engine stays warm."
Hilton is looking for a manufacturer.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chester Hilton, 2133 Big Lake Road, Cloquet, Minn. 55720 (ph 218 879-3774).

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