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Shell Ear Corn With Your Combine(And Other Shellers)
Minnesota farmer Ken Kass, of Tracy, modified his Deere 7700 combine to serve as a stationary 600 to 800 bu./hr. sheller without affecting its regular field performance or resale value.
First, he designed a frame that fits around the throat of the combine, with the corn head removed. To the "hopper" created by the frame, he attached sections of old sheller drags which feed corn into the combine. They're powered with a variable speed orbit motor, activated by the combine's hydraulic system. The variable speed control in the cab sets speed of the drag.
An auger system below the discharge end of the combine, powered by an orbital motor, transports cobs from below the rear of the combine to a pile alongside. Auger speed is determined by an independent variable speed control.
Kass, who has shelled about 6,000 bu. of ear corn in each of the last five years, has decided to put the unit into commercial production. "We haven't changed a thing over the years and feel that other farmers who already own a combine will find it useful. My neighbors have used it with no trouble at all," says Kass. He cites these advantages of the sheller attachment:
•It allows you the benefits of keeping some ear corn without the added cost of a sheller or custom shelling.
•The Ken-Shell is easy to use. "One man alone can attach it in ten minutes, without even using a wrench. There are no bolts or pins to fool with."
•Only cost of using the unit is the fuel required by the combine.
•You only need one truck. The capacity of the combine's hopper allows you to keep shelling while transporting shelled corn to the bin.
•For small amounts, you can use the combine as a "truck". Kass often shells a small batch before chores, then unhooks the sheller attachment and fills feeders direct from the combine.
• Ear corn can be fed directly into the combine throat with a skid-steer loader, if desired by dropping off the drags.
Kass is lining up a manufacturer. He notes that the first models will fit Deere and International combines. Dealer inquiries welcome.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken Kass, Rt. 2, Box 156, Tracy, Minn. 56175 (ph 507 629-3405).

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