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LP fired engine heater
"It eliminates the need to idle diesel engines in cold weather," says Chuck Dahlgren about the new Hilton Heater, an LP-fired, cordless engine heater that you can use anywhere without the need for an electrical plug in. Works on both diesel and gas engines.
On semi-trucks and other high-use equipment, the heater can be mounted permanently so that when on the road, operators can simply flip a switch to turn on the heater rather than leave rigs idling for hours on end, says Dahlgren, president of Acucraft, the manufacturer. On the farm, the unit could be mounted on a portable stand, together with a small LP tank, and fitted with quick couplers so you could wheel it around for use as needed on any equipment.
Developed after 25 years of experimentation by a Minnesota inventor, key to success of the unit is the catalytic "nameless" burner it uses, ignited by a wire running to the unit from the electrical system. Once ignited, it burns without the need for electricity, heating water which circulates by convection through the unit and around the engine block. Uses just 6oz. of LP-gas per hour, at a cost of about 15 cents.
"Savings in fuel and wear and tear to engine will pay for it in a short time," says Dahlgren.
Sells for $795.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hilton Heaters, Inc., 20100 W. Hlghway 10, Big Lake, Minn. 55309 (ph 612263-3156).

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