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Land Leveler Features Retractable Rippers
"It's the first and only land leveler on the market equipped with retractable ripping chisels," says Michael Schaefer, inventor-manufacturer, of Okarche, Oki.
Eight "rippers" on the front of the 10 ft. wide Level-King can be raised or lowered, independent of the leveling box, right from the tractor seat. "At the touch of a hydraulic lever, the operator can rip rock-hard soil up to 8 inches deep. After ripping, he hits a lever to raise the ripper up and out of the way. He then goes back over the chiseled area with the blade to cut and move the loosened soil," explains Schaefer. "In addition to moving soil, it works great for scraping and cleaning feedlots and feeding floors."
Designed for use with 140 to 180 hp tractors, the Level-King is equipped with a 3-way swivel hitch which keeps the drawbar from bending.
Other key features include:
• An adjustable tongue to fit any tractor.
•Heavy duty construction throughout.
•Double edge, reversible grader blade with 4,000 lbs. of weight on it to cut and move soil.
•Bolt-on wheel spindles with lifetime lubrication.
• Weight boxes on the rear which add as much as 1,000 lbs.
• A standard 7,000 lbs. jack stand.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup; MS Industries; Michael Schaefer, president; P.O. Box 544, Okarche, Okl. 73762 (ph 405 263-4778, or 405 263-7724 evenings).

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