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Horse-Shaped Tire Swing
Kids love this horse-shaped tire swing that's made in one continuous piece from a single tire. The tire is turned inside out and then reshaped and bolted together to look like a horse.
"Kids love it so much they don't want to get off," says Norbert Lyssy, Vanderpool, Texas. "As the child swings, the horse's head goes back and forth just like the horse is running. The child can feel the movement in the reins which really stimulates his imagination. It's a good safe toy with no sharp edges. The swing can be attached to tree limbs, swing sets, porch rafters, etc. It's made from tires that range in size from compact car tires to midsize pickup tires. A swing made from a 15-in. tire is big enough to hold two children at a time."
The swing has five carriage bolts - one to hold the tail-in place, one through the body, one at the base of the neck, one for the eyes, and one to secure the reins. Sells for $36.95. A riding bull equipped with a set of horns sells for the same price.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Norbert Lyssy, Lost Maples General Stores, Vanderpool, Texas 78884 (ph 800 453-6977).

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1993 - Volume #17, Issue #4