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First Wingless Disk Unveiled
You've never seen anything like it a "wingless" disc that folds to the rear for transport.
"It'll run circles around conventional wing-up discs," says Jay Wilbeck, sales manager of the Binkley Company, Warrenton, Mo., manufacturer. "It works better in the field, is easier to adjust, and is much simpler and safer to transport. We think it's one of the biggest-ever breakthroughs in disc design."
Called the Trail-R-Disc, it's available in cutting widths up to 45 ft., yet folds rearward to a narrow transport width of only 14 ft., 9 in., and an overall "low profile" height of 6 ft., 3 in. "If your tractor has dual wheels, it's probably wider than our new-style disc in its transport position. For farmers who need it, an option is available which reduces transport width to less than 11 ft.," notes Wilbeck, who cites these additional "exclusive advantages" for the "wingless" Trail-R-Disc:
•"Its rear-fold design eliminates the uneven weight distribution penalty of conventional wing-up discs. The Trail-R-Disc's weight (500 to 600 lbs. per ft.) is concentrated in large 6 in. by 8 in. gang beams, which assures field stability due to equal weight per blade over the full width of cut.
•"Each disc gang has a swivel wheel located on each corner to virtually eliminate gouging, and to control depth of cut for precise, uniform discing. A built-in depth gauge shows the exact cutting depth of each disc gang.
•"Each disc gang attaches to the frame with a clevis arrangement, allowing independent, terrain-sensing, wheel-controlled flexibility. This independently-controlled flexibility reduces stress and strain on the tillage tool.
•"Disc gang angles can be changed from 18? to 26? (in 2? increments) by changing hole locations of pins in the telescoping tubes. Depth is controlled by changing only one depth stop.
•"For transport, disc gangs are hydraulically rotated rearward. All tires (two transport wheels and the swivel wheel on each of the four gangs) stay on the ground for rock-solid stability.
"As a rule, big cutting-width discs don't perform as well as small equipment. The Trail-R-Disc is an exception to this rule," says Wilbeck.
It's available in cutting widths from 25 to 45 ft. in 3 ft. increments. Disc blades (smooth or notched) are either 24 or 26 in., 6 ga., 1/4 in. or 5/16 in., and with 9 or 10 in. spacing. Other choices include 211 or 214 series gang bearings, rigid or spring flex bearing arms, and 1 1/2 in. or 2 in. disc shafts.
Suggested retail of the new Trail-R-Disc ranges from $22,000 for the 25 ft. model, to $34,000 for the largest 45 ft. model.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Binkley Co., 100 Main Street, Warrenton, Mo. 63383 (ph 314 456-3455).

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