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Aggressive Add On Rotary Harrow
A new add-on rotary harrow equipped with angled steel spikes designed to do a. more aggressive job of tilling than conventional harrows or rolling baskets, can be pulled behind disks, field cultivators, blade plows, chisel plows, or even air seeders, according to Hign-Line Mfg., Vonda, Sask.
The "Active Harrow" consists of 8-in. dia. steel drums fitted with heavy-duty 5-in. spikes. The 6-ft. long steel drums are sup-ported by 1 1/4-in. dia. self-aligning steel bearings. The last 2 in. of each spike is bent back at an angle. The drum hitch clamps onto the frame of the tillage implement at an angle that can be changed by simply adjusting a bolt.
"It's simple to use and lets you switch to a conservation tillage system without spending a lot of money," says Raymond J. Bussiere, president. "Most other rotary harrows are designed to be used only on their own and have straight spikes that can plug up in rocks or heavy straw. You can pull our harrow behind any tillage tool or use it by itself. It lets you prepare seedbeds and in-corporate herbicides in heavy stubble with-out plugging up even in the heaviest trash conditions or rocky soil.
"The key is that the spikes are tilted to the side and bent back. When the spike first comes into contact with the soil, the bent end is almost parallel with the ground. As the spike penetrates the soil, the offset rolling drum causes it to travel through the soil at an angle for superior mixing and leveling without dragging or burying the trash. Straw and weeds are deposited on the soil surface, shielding topsoil from wind erosion and moisture loss.
"Because the end of each spike is traveling almost straight up as it leaves the soil, it's almost impossible for straw and weeds to wrap around the drum. Stubble is left turned upon end, standing up in the soil like individual little straw pegs and arxanged evenly to cover the entire soil surface with-out piling. Setting the drums at a steep angle causes the spikes to dig more aggressively which works great for incorporating herbicides."
Mounted harrows that attach to tillage implements come in 41/2 to 6-ft. widths and sell for $125 per foot. Self-contained harrows are available in 40 to 80-ft widths. Harrow packer bars are also available, in widths from 40 to 70 ft. A spray kit attachment is available for all models.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, High-Line Mfg. Inc., Box 307, Vonda, Sask. Canada SOK 4N0 (ph 306 258-2233).

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