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Spray goat automatically adjusts to hilly terrain
You've never seen a self-propelled sprayer like the new Spray Goat from Hillco, Nezperce, Idaho.
The Spray Goat is a fully hydrostatic, self-propelled hillside leveling 6-wheel drive sprayer that automatically adapts to changing slopes using telescopic legs that keep the sprayer frame level. In addition, each wheel mounts on its own independent suspension system, which allows the sprayer to walk over objects, in the field. In row crop work, you can raise the Spray Goat up off the ground like a high-boy tractor for over-the-crop work.
"There's no other sprayer like it on the market for precision and speed," Lenny Hill told FARM SHOW, noting that the sprayer works fields at 10 to 15 mph. over even the worst terrain due to its heavy duty suspension. The sprayer carries a 400 gal. spray tank acid features a fully enclosed cab. Powered by a 427 engine, it's outfitted with a 60-ft. spray boom. Sets up in less than 3 min. from road to field.
Hill says that at $90,000 the Spray Goat is targeted to custom applicators. The company also makes a smaller version, called the Spray Kid, that's equipped with a 60-ft.boom, half-cab, 400-gal. tank and much of the same equipment as the Spray Goat. It also features 6-wheel drive but is not self-leveling on slopes. It's powered by a 350 V-8 engine and works fields at average speeds of 10 mph. Sells for $34,500.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hillco, 107 First Ave., P.O. Box 277, Nezperce, Idaho 83543 (ph 208 937-2461).

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