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Open end fan kit for IH combines
"Our new `E-Z Flow' fan kits increase the air intake area of the cleaning fan on Inter-national and Case-Ili combines by over 75% allowing the fan to breathe more freely under high rpm conditions," says Lenny Hill, Hillco Co., Nezperce, Idaho.
Hill says the fan kit solves a problem that exists on all International and Case-IH axial flow combines, including both the 1400 and 1600 series.
"These combines are equipped with a paddle-type clean grain fan that has to draw all of its air in from a single opening on each end of the fan. The problem is that as the speed of the cleaning fan exceeds 700 to 750 rpm's, the open area isn't big enough to allow enough air to reach the center of the fan. This `starving' for air creates a dead air space on the chaffer sieve resulting in over-loading of the lower clean grain sieve. This overloading leads to higher return volumes and poorer clean grain quality in the grain tank. In many conditions you'll often find chaff and other light material in your grain tank regardless of fan speed.
"Our fan kit consists of 12 fan dividers with open centers. They are built of heavier material than are the original dividers and are a balanced set to ensure proper balance of the cleaning fan. They replace the 12 original fan blade dividers found on the ends of the cleaning fan. This increased air intake area boosts air velocity on the shoe and results in more even air distribution across the entire sieve. It also keeps grain out of the cleaning fan housing and significantly reduces bearding of the chaffer sieve."
Hill says the benefits of the fan kit are especially evident at fan speeds over 750 rpm's. "However, we've also had good response from small seed harvesters operating at much lower fan rpm's. We've used it mostly on wheat, barley, lentils, and peas. We haven't used it yet on corn or soybeans."
The kit takes about two hours to install.
Sells for $295.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hilico, 107 First Avenue, Box 399, Nezperce, Idaho 83543-0399 (ph 208 937-2461).

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