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Automatic Height Control For Combine Cornheads
Keeping cornheads on combines and forage harvesters at an even height is as easy as installing the new sensor control unit from Vesco, Centerville, Iowa.
The new header height control uses the same electronic controls that have been in use for years on the company's popular height control for grain heads. The controls are connected to a curved metal foot that attaches below the snouts and follows the contour of the ground, sending signals to controls which adjust the height hydraulically.
Each header is fitted with four sensor units, no matter if it's a 4-row or 12-row. Installation is simply a matter of attaching cross braces to the underside of the snout, and installing the electronic controls. The signals go from the sensors to a signal sorter that assimilates all the information and then adjusts the header hydraulics accordingly. The height can be adjusted to three different height positions depending on the condition of the field. Most headers can be operated down to within 2 in. of the ground.
"In down corn it lets the operator concentrate on operating the machine and not on following the contour to protect the header. Operators of large self-propelled forage harvesters particularly like it because it lets them get low to the ground but not so low that they pick up stones and other debris. It enables them to get more crop but to have less maintenance," says Ferne Van Antwerp, Vesco representative.
The header control system sells for $1,400 complete and comes with installation instructions.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vesco, P.O. Box 441, Centerville, Iowa 52544 (ph 515 452-6747).

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