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Ridge Plant With Your Conventional Planter
Iowa farmer Ernie Behn, of Boone, a staunch advocate of reduced tillage, has invented several attachments that let you ridge-plant with your conventional corn planter.
Behn and his son Jerry are making and selling (1) Ridge Mate, (2) Deep Shields, (3) Handy Ridger and (4) Row Finder.
1. The Ridge Mate switches late-model standard pull-type planters to ridge-till without modifying them. The row-ridging attachments do not weld on, making it easy to switch back and forth from ridge-till to conventional level planting. Available for Deere, IH, White or Kinze planters.
2. Deep Shields protect the ridged crop when small. As the crop gets larger, the shields can be raised. They fit the Buffalo cultivator and, with an adaptor, can also be used on the Hiniker. The shields fit 30-in. to 40-in. row widths.
3. The Handy Ridger attachment converts the Buffalo cultivator to dual-purpose ridge-till or flat till. "You can do first-cultivation of beans, not ridgeing, in the forenoon, switch to ridging corn in the afternoon, and then switch back to beans the next morning."
4. The Row Finder attachment keeps a pull-type, ridge-till planter exactly on the row without worry or stress. "It's essential for ridge farming on the contour, but nice to have for straight rows, too," says Behn.
For more information, con-tact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ernie Behn, Rt. 1, Boone, Iowa 50036 (ph 515 432-1569, or 795-2749).

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