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Plastic Silawrap For Big Round Bales
"It'll revolutionize round bale silage making," predicts Tom Golden, marketing director for Silawrap, a fast, low-cost way to wrap bales in spoilage-proof plastic.
"With Silawrap, one man can wrap 50 bales in under 90 minutes, a task which would take 10 hours using conventional bagging," says Golden.
The machine, mounted on a two-wheel trailer, picks the bale off the ground via a hydraulic fork and sets it onto a rotating turntable powered by a hydraulic motor. The bale is simultaneously turned on both its horizontal and vertical axis, ensuring that the stretch plastic overlaps and covers the entire bale. A finished bale is covered with a double layer of plastic along the outer edges, and up to 11 layers near the center.
The black, Swedish-made stretch plastic has a sticky surface on one side. It's 20 in. wide and comes in a roll large enough to wrap about 30 bales. "Here in Australia, cost of the plastic is about $2.50 per bale, which is about half the cost of plastic bags for big bales. If a Silawrap bale gets punctured, spoilage is confined to a small tennis-ball size clump."
The machine handles all size big bales and retails for right at $5,300 (U.S. dollars). After being wrapped, bales can be dropped onto the ground in either the end or side position.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Silawrap, Integrated Packaging Co., 1257 Sydney Road, Fawkner, Vict., Australia 3060 (03 359 9288).
Editor's Note: Vermeer Mfg., Pella, Iowa, has also developed a machine that's designed to wrap bales in a protective plastic wrap. Unveiled recently to dealers, five prototypes are being tested this fall and the company hopes to go into production by next spring.
According to Vermeer engineering representative Curt Hite, the new machine is equipped with a bale fork that lifts bales onto a wrapping table. Plastic that's similar to "Saran-Wrap," which sticks to itself, is then wrapped around the bale. "One man can wrap a bale in about a minute. Plastic costs about $1 a bale," Hite told FARM SHOW. The company plans to market the bale-wrapper primarily to custom operators.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Curt Hite, Vermeer Mfg., P.O. Box 200, Pella, Iowa 50219 (ph 515 628-3141).

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