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Holder for sharpening lawn mower blades
When we're driving in the car, my wife complains about the air conditioning hitting her in the face and chest so I have to turn it off, even though I'm too warm when it's off. I solved the problem with a sheet of thin plastic (from the cover of a shirt box) which is the width of the vent and about 8 in. long. I bend it into a curve and slip the ends into the top and bottom of the vent, creating a tunnel over the vent with open ends on either side. As cold air comes out it is diverted to either side instead of blowing directly on you. You can still adjust the vent to blow more one way or the other. I taper the ends of the plastic sheet so it wedges in the space around the vent and won't blow out. Now we're both happy. I get to use the AC and she doesn't complain.
Another handy idea I had was to make a holder for sharpening lawn mower blades with a bench grinder. I made the holder from a couple pieces of 2 by 6 with a pair of 6-in. long spacers between. I hold the blade against the angled portion of the holder and use the same number of strokes to sharpen each end. If the angle isn't quite right you can cut some off the bottom. It works so well I've made several for friends and they really like them. (Cecil Hess, 1636 Cayuga Dr. N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2L ON3 Canada)

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1992 - Volume #16, Issue #1