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White 5100 8-Row Planter For Sweep Attachment
I modified my White 5100 8-row planter by making a sweep attachment. It pushes residue out of the way beyond the gauge wheels so they don't run over residue in the row. It also makes a nicely shaped ridge that's flat on top with the edges cut off. I made the sweep attachment from sq. steel tubing and flat steel and 1/4-in. steel plates that I cut and welded together. The planter was equipped with a steel guard designed to keep rocks from getting between disc openers. I removed it and mounted the blade in the guard bolt holes. It works so well that two of my neighbors copied the idea.
I also hooked a phone up to a loud basket-ball scoreboard horn so I can hear the phone ring from up to 1/2 mile away. Works great when I'm walking bean fields. The horn is so loud I can usually hear it over the sound of running tractors. The horn is mounted 12 ft. high on front of the barn and is hooked up to the phone wires by a relay A friend who works for a telephone company did the work. (Richard Gidel, 2950 190th St., Williams, Iowa 50271 ph 515 854-2406)

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1993 - Volume #17, Issue #4