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Fiberglass Grain Bin For Wet Or Dry Grain
You can store wet or dry grain "as is" - with no handling or drying - in the new fiberglass bin from Glastor, headquartered at Shawnee Mission, Kan.
"It keeps wet or dry grain the way you want it for about 113 the cost," Joe Hurst, vice president of Glastor told FARM SHOW. "The fiberglass Glastor doesn't use any air bags, yet will handle grain direct from the field regardless of moisture."
He notes that a key advantage of the Glastor over steel structures is that it doesn't add heat to the grain. "Heat conductivity of the Glastor is 11205th that of steel," Hurst points out. "If outside temperature is 85? F., average temperature inside a steel structure is right at 139?, versus only 70? in the Glastor. It stays cool in summer and doesn't freeze up in winter."
The walls and roof are made of 318 in. thick fiberglass. Three models, all 24 ft. in diameter, are available 1, 2 or 3 rings high. Each ring is 9 ft. high. You can build a 2 ring unit, then add a 3rd later on if you need more storage.
All three models are available with or without a hopper bottom. Capacities are 6,282, 10,083 and 13,882 bu. for hopper bottom bins 1,2 or 3 rings high, respectively. Sweep augers are available for structures without the hopper bottom. Models with the 45? hopper bottom have an auger tube and 3 aeration tubes moulded right into the walls of the fiberglass hopper.
Cost of the Glastor is right at $1.70 per bu. of storage capacity. Here, according to the manufacturer, are other key features:
• It can be equipped to air dry wet grain, taking out 10 to 12 points of moisture in 4 to 6 weeks under normal conditions, for an energy cost of 2 to 3` per bu.
• A patented roof filter releases gases and keeps out oxygen for safe storage of high moisture grain.
• Grain won't freeze to the walls, there is no moisture buildup when storing dry grain, and no clogging or bridging.
• Meets a ASC approval.
• Stores high moisture grain without mold, mildew or discoloring.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glastor, Suite 302, 1900 West 47th Place, Shawnee Mission, Kan. 66205 (ph 913-432-5400).

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