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Can You Use A Tranquilizer Gun
Tranquilizer guns in rifle, pistol or blowgun models have been introduced by Glascow Veterinary Supply, Glascow, Mont.

"They're catching on fast with individual livestock producers," says Donald Johnson, purchasing agent. "No permit is required and you can buy Rompon or other commonly used tranquilizers from your veterinarian," he told FARM SHOW.

Prices start at $61 for the blowgun, which has an effective range of 25 to 30 ft. It's generally used in feedlots or corrals to contain animals for shots or special treatment.

For containing animals at long range, Glascow offers 3 tranquilizer rifles. The most sophisticated is the Model 60 which sells for $656 and has an effective range of up to 210 ft. The Model 40 ($609) has a 150 ft. range. The Model 18, which operates on air and requires no cartridges to operate, has a range of about 80 ft. and sells for $453. Three pistol models with an effective range up to 75 ft. are also available in the $400-$450 price range.

Cartridges which propell the tranquilizer-loaded syringe darts to the target are color coded, depending on their effective range. For example, if you were within 30 feet of the animal, you'd select a blue coded cartridge. If you were 75 ft. away, you'd select a red cartridge. (The red cartridge used close up would carry too much fire power. It would drive the dart with such force that it could possibly bruise or injure the animal). The cost of "shooting" an animal is right at $4 ($3.75 for the syringe dart and 20~ for the cartridge). All the rifles and pistols are single shot.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glascow Veterinary Supply, Fort Peck Route, Glascow, Mont. 59230 (ph 406 228-93i3J.

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