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Windmill Air Compressor
We've greatly improved our windmill air compressor which was first featured in FARM SHOW several years ago. It's the first add-attachment that lets water-pumping wind-mills do two jobs at once. It simply clamps onto both the tower and pump pole. Once installed, the windmill continues to pump water normally but also drives the double acting cylinders on the compressor to de-liver up to 17 cu. ft. per minute (in a 15 mph breeze) of compressed air which is used to aerate a pond, lake or lagoon to keep algae down or to increase the oxygen level for raising fish. We run long-lasting black polyethelene tubing with tiny slits in it across the bottom of the pond. Bottom aeration also prevents winter fish kills and keeps water open for livestock by preventing freeze-up. The price on our compressor is $750, unless it's part of a complete windmill package. In that case it sells for $250. We offer a variety of windmills, windchargers, towers, pumps, well supplies, etc. (Ken 0-Brock, O'Brock Windmill Distributors, 943512thSt., North Benton, Ohio 44449 ph 216 584-4681)

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1993 - Volume #17, Issue #4