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Make Your Own Mufflers For Trucks, Tractors
"I got tired of spending $100 a year for new mufflers," says Paul Hanselman, a LuVerne, Iowa, farmer who's come up with a home-built replacement muffler for cars, trucks and tractors that, he says, can be built in three hours by most anyone with a welder and a drill press.
The muffler is made with heavy 1/8-in. wall, 8-in. dia. well casing. A second, smaller dia. pipe carries exhaust into the center of the tubing and the ends are covered with heavy steel plate. Because the muffler is heavier than a standard muffler, extra hangers are needed to support it.
Hanselman says he bought a pile of used well-casing from a junkyard so his costs for making replacement mufflers are low only about $2 apiece. He adds, however, that if you bought all the components new, the cost still would not exceed $10 to $15 per muffler.
"I've had one on my Chevrolet 4-WD for two years of everyday driving and it shows no wear at all. It'll probably outlast the rest of the pickup and is as quiet as a conventional muffler," says Hanselman, noting that he used to replace mufflers nearly every year on the truck.
Besides his own pickup, Hanselman has also supplied home-built mufflers to neighbors and installed one on a small tractor. He's says it'll work on most any car, truck or tractor.
He's selling plans for the do-it-yourself muffler for $4.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Hanselman, Box 250, LuVerne, Iowa 50560 (ph 515 882-3530).

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