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Happy Hooker Prevents Towrope Backlash
"We think it's one of the biggest-ever breakthroughs in farm safety," says Raphael Spinner, Hillsboro, Ill., inventor of the Happy Hooker, a metal device that helps prevent dangerous backlash with nylon or sisal towropes.
"If the rope breaks, it is designed to automatically unthread, causing the metal device to fall harmlessly to the ground," Spinner points out. "Mishaps with broken metal hooks, which can fly through the air like shrapnel shot from a giant slingshot, can be virtually eliminated, thanks to this patented new invention which eliminates the need for affixing metal hooks or any other projectile to the rope ends.
"In addition to safer hookups, the Happy Hooker is fast and easy to thread. Your wife or teenager can do it," says Spinner. "Another advantage is that it can't overtighten and is thus easy to untie regardless of how tight the rope has been pulled. If the towrope slackens, the device won't come unhooked. For safety's sake, we recommend always using a Happy Hooker, along with a heavy clevice and pin, at each end of the rope."
Happy Hookers retail for $7.95 per pair for in. rope, and $9.95 per pair for 3/4 in. rope, plus $1.95 per pair for postage and handling. Sizes to fit other rope sizes available special order.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Meteer Machine and Mfg. Co., Rt. 1, Athens, Ill. 62613 (ph 217 636-8109).

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