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Super Powered Farm Mower
I built this power mower and have used it now for five years. There are often areas on my farm where grass grows 3 or 4 ft. tall before it gets cut and most mowers are greatly under-powered for such material. A drawn tractor mower is often too much trouble to hitch up so some cutting is neglected.
We have this 7-ft. wide mower ready to go at all times. Powered by a 25 hp. Wisconsin motor, the power train consists of a 4-speed truck transmission and a rear end from a Pontiac car. A chain drive speed reduction is used from the transmission down to the differential drive. Clutches for the traction and mower drives are V-belts where an idler pulley engages and disengages the power. The 4-speed transmission gives the mower a range of from 2 to 10 mph.
The mower is spring-balanced for easy raising and lowering with a hand lever, and gauge runners enable the mower to float nicely on the ground. There is a 36-in. rotary blade on each side of the mower and an 18-in. blade in the center just back of the two side blades. They overlap so no grass is missed while turning.
This mower was built for our own use and is not being manufactured.
Harvey Gjesdal, Manufacturer
5 in 1 Grain Cleaner
Box 425
Birch Hills, Sask.
SOJ OGO Canada
(ph 306 749-3528).

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