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First Of Its Kind Plastic Horseshoe
"I worked for 17 years before I finally came up with a plastic shoe that wears like steel, is lighter than aluminum, and yet cushions the hoof to prevent all kinds of leg injuries for the horses that wear them," says Hans Senn, a Minnesota horseman who's having tremendous success selling his new plastic horseshoe all over the country.
Senn says some horse owners and farriers are hesitant about trying his plastic shoes because other plastic shoes in the past have worked poorly. But once they try them, he says they're hooked.
The problem with making a plastic horseshoe is that if you use the latest new "harder-than-steel" plastics, you don't re-ally gain advantage because they won't provide any more cushion than metal shoes. And if you use softer plastics, they tend to spread out under the weight of a horse.
Senn says he finally solved the problem with softer plastics by putting a bar across the open end of the shoe to help it hold its shape. He says the resulting shoe is light-weight but will wear as long as metal shoes. They nail in place like regular shoes but are much easier to fit because you can shape them to a perfect fit by cutting them down once they're on the horse.
"They reduce foot and leg injuries from concussion and vibration and horse owners tell me their horses get fatigued much less with these shoes on. It's like running shoes for people, which make walking or working on your feet a lot easier. The new plastic shoes can be used on any terrain, and they have outstanding traction. Most people who try them never go back to metal," says Senn, noting that the shoes sell for $9.50 a pair and come in 8 different sizes.
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